Personal Leadership Perspective

Topics: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Management Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Leader’s Self-Insight 1.1. The exercise describes there are five multiple intelligence ways that people can learn effectively in. I believe finding and developing those intelligence skills can allow people to follow a career path that correlates to the way they learn best. I scored three points in Interpersonal Intelligence which means that is a major learning source for me. That means being people smart. I have the ability to interact with others and understand them. People with Interpersonal Intelligence are good with people and thrive in social interactions. They are good with reading, empathize and understanding people. They are also good with working with others and have many friends (, 2010). Leader’s Self-Insight 1.2. The exercise is about leadership potential. I scored a six for the true even numbered items that represent behaviors and activities typical of leadership. Leaders are personally involved in shaping ideas, values and vision. They often have an intuitive approach to develop fresh ideas and seek new direction for the department or organization (, 2010). I believe that is correct. I enjoy setting a good example for others. Leader’s Self-Insight 1.3. The exercise measures people skills. For people skills and networking I scored a four in each. That means I am on the right track. To be honest a score of four doesn’t surprise me considering, I am a marketing representative for a living. For working with authority I received a three. Apparently I need to fine tune my skills in that area. I really don’t enjoy being told what to do. I do set my own schedule. Leader’s Self-Insight 2.1. The exercise was designed to assess the level of self-confidence as reflected in a belief in your ability to accomplish a desired outcome. I scored a nine which indicates I am high on self confidence. I rarely come across a situation that I cannot handle. I have high motivation and know my self-worth. That is so important to know what...

References: Daft, R. L. (2008) The Leadership Experience. (4th ed.). Ohio: South-Western (2010). Interpersonal Intelligence. Retrieved March 28, 2010, from
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