Personal Model of Leadership Part 1

Topics: Psychology, Love, Value theory Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: January 11, 2015
Jose Cisneros
Dayna Thompson

The three top terminal values that I picked for my individual model of leadership are: “salvation”, “health” and “family security”. My top three instrumental values that I chose for my individual model are: “obedient”, “responsible” and “logical”. When I think of my individual values I first think of my spiritual well-being, which for me is ultimately salvation. I didn’t think of my physical and mental well-being, which is my overall health. As part of my individual values I include family security, since for me my family is one of my main priorities in life. I believe that these three values that I mentioned are essential in my life and these three values are what keep me feeling well and balanced. Interpersonal

My top three terminal values are: “self-respect”, “mature love” and “an exciting life”. My top three instrumental values on an interpersonal level are: “honest”, “loving” and “imaginative”. When I think of interpersonal values, I automatically think of how others relate and perceive me. For my interpersonal priorities I chose “self-respect” first as I believe that this is a key factor in feeling well in relation with others as well as in how others see me. I think self-respect is the foundation for all interpersonal relations in order for me to feel whole. I also chose “mature love” as my top priority list for interpersonal values because for me it is important to feel accepted and to have a sense of belonging with one person in order to feel stable and secure. I also chose “an exciting life” as part of my interpersonal values since it is something that I feel I need to have in my life in order to keep with life demands. For me I believe having a stimulating active life is something that greatly needs to be integrated in order to enjoy life and be able to relate better with others, as having an active life gives me a sense of reward and personal gratification. I strongly believe that I...
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