Personal Leadership Development PlanII

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Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan
An effective leader must have a plan for success. This includes a personal plan of growth as well as a professional plan for improvement. This paper will attempt to highlight my personal strengths and weaknesses as leader, identify the areas needed for improvement, and identify the leadership skills and practices that I will use to become an effective leader. This paper will also give an outline of the goals that I consider a priority and a timeline for this development. The overall result will be an inclusive leadership plan of development that I will use to grow myself as well as any organization that I work for in the future. The assessments in the text allowed clear insight into areas pertaining to my leadership skills. Each assessment challenged me to look within and theorize how I currently handle or would handle different situations. Each scenario highlights real world applications that exhibit the type of leader that I desire to be. This is mostly done by exposing my areas of strengths and weaknesses in my leadership abilities.

An effective leader should be able to draw on his or her strengths to better lead their subordinates. I am able to identify many areas where my strengths are. For instance, I am highly organized. Organization is a key aspect of being an effective leader. I have always found it easier to manage my day when I have a to-do-list that I follow. This allows me to clearly the see the tasks that need to be completed for the day. Following the list gives order to an otherwise chaotic situation. My subordinates will be able to look to me to provide clear instructions on the day’s tasks that need to be done. This can include giving meeting agendas, personal goals and follow up emails. This type of organization will keep goals and tasks in line. I will apply this same type of structure in the organization that I am leading. Employees will respond better when working with a leader that provides clear instructions. This can range from providing meeting itineraries to giving follow up emails that ties together all the information presented. Having tangible and well organized material can help others to work towards the same goals. I will work with my subordinates to formulate and achieve their personal goals. Other strengths that I exhibit include being structured, responsible, articulate, task-oriented, determined, confident, effective planner, visionary, and possessing the ability to manage resources effectively. Being structured allows me to set parameters that we can all work within to achieve the overall company goals. Structure builds bonds and a sense of cohesiveness in the workplace. This type of unity will be necessary for the success of the organization. We can all work towards common goals if clear goals are outlined for everyone. The other strengths will all work together as well. Combining these skills will allow me to have followers that are knowledgeable and eager to embark on the journey to achieving the company’s goals. This will involve utilize my resource management skills effectively as well. This simply involves fully using the resources I have in a healthy way. Each one has something different to contribute and I should embrace and encourage these differences so that each one will feel that they are valuable. These positive attributes will enhance the work relationship that I have with my subordinates because they will see that they are following someone who is knowledgeable and capable of leading. It is my hope that these same qualities I posses will be mirrored in those that I lead in order to secure the success of the organization that we represent.

Through reading the text and completing the assessments I was able to find my weaknesses as well. Knowing and acknowledging my weaknesses can only serve to make me better in my position. I am able to see the areas where work is...

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