Personal Leadership Development Plan

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Personal Leadership Development Plan
Megan Quastad
ABS415: Leadership & Ethics in a Changing World
Instructor: Ken Feifer
July 30, 2012

Personal Leadership Development Plan
Throughout life one will encounter many experiences and there is a lesson within each of those experiences. Right now as an activity aide in a nursing home my passion is to make sure each and every resident gets some sort of enjoyment out of their day whether it’s from reading the newspaper, having coffee outside or its getting their nails painted. I just want to make sure their day has some activity that they enjoy. My dream job after graduation is to work in a hospital in the palliative care/hospice as a social worker. In this setting I will still get to make sure the last months, days, and hours of my clients will be comfortable, peaceful and the way the patient and their families would like it to be. Leadership is as “an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes” defined by Daft, R. L. (2011). Ethical leadership is to understand your core values and to have the courage to encompass them in all aspects of your life; including your career are honesty, integrity and compassion. Leadership and motivation styles vary from person to person, that is why it is essential for managers to know and understand their leadership style and how their particular leadership affects their workplace. Leadership is influenced by many things that are why it is so important to know how and why your leadership style is what it is. I feel that I have some strength that can help me with a leadership plan such as identify effective leadership mission, values, planning and goal-setting, delegating authority, team building, giving feedback, coaching team members, motivating people, working for the team, and resolving conflict. There are many contributors that come into play when a leadership style is developed within a person. Not only do I have the residents I work with now and the families I will work with in my future to be have comfort that I will have their best interest for them, but also for the people I will lead.

In a setting where death is the only option for the clients it can be very depressing, but I just want the people I am surrounded by every day whether it be the clients and families, co-workers, and my organization I want them to know that I am there for them all the way and have their best interest at heart. To do this in a way would be through a mission statement. “Exercising personal leadership demands conscious assumption of control over one’s own destiny through the establishment of personal goals based on values that give depth and meaning to every action. Doing what you know is right and productive for you regardless of obstacles or the opinions of others is the essence of personal leadership” according to A mission statement to me is a clear statement that helps to focus the individual as well as a team so that they can ignore distractions and pay attention to what’s most important. I wanted to build a personal mission statement that not only shows an objective professionally, but at home also. “I will see the strengths in others, and find the good in every situation. I will ensure that I do what I can to create a learning environment everywhere I go. I will live a life with of gratitude. I will repay every kindness shown to me. I will live, work, and play with enriched spirit.” Having a visible statement such as this for my co-workers and followers is truly important for me as I truly believe that every person does have great strength and my promise to them is I will help them achieve it and see it every day.

Leader is a person who inspires or motivates the workers into superior level of joint effort, but to do carry this there are certain things to take into consideration and then perform. Leadership is the process whereby the person in...

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