Leader Profile

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Module 2 – Assignment 2
Leader Profile
B-6027 Perspectives in Change Leadership
Argosy University Online
Dr. Richard Dool

Matt Bass
September 2, 2012

Leadership is an art and a science that is developed and perfected by the summation of innate abilities, understanding the behaviors of people and how to capitalize on their strengths, and the unique ability to inspire and drive under challenging and dynamic circumstances (http://www.gwinnettnetwork.com/ArticleWhatMakesAGreatLeader.htm). This discussion examines a leader profile that has been an influence in my personal development that will analyze the characteristics of the leader that affected my development and also create a leadership scorecard of the selected leader to assess his or her leadership competencies.
The leader that has influenced me as an individual and professional would be the first supervisor that I worked for as a Co-op student. My co-op position was with a major electric company in Florida, where I worked as an Intern in the Engineering department. The Manager over the Chemistry and Water Support department was an Engineer who was able to mold me into the leader that I am today. The qualities and competencies exhibited by this Manager included cooperation, collaboration, consistency, creativity, conscious, communicator, innovation, integrity, intellectual drive and knowledge, values, vision, organizer, interpersonal skills and a sense of humor. The Manager was an exemplary mentor that took work seriously and fervently believed in developing the next generation of leaders for success. Before the manager was promoted to a management position, the manager was a leader over a group of engineers and technicians and was promoted to a manger role because of his intellectual drive, knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills and vision.
The main competencies that engineering manager instilled in me were his competencies in interpersonal skills, values and vision.


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