Personal Leadership And Management Deve

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Personal Leadership And Management Deve
Personal Leadership and Management Development

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Task 1 3
Organizational objectives values and culture 3
1.1 Impact of organizational objectives, values and culture on leadership and management role 4
1.2 Required skills of leadership and management to achieve organizational objectives 5
Task 2 6
1.3(1) Personal leadership and management skills 6
1.3(2) Required personal development skills to achieve goals 7
2.1 Opportunities for the development of leadership and management skills 8
2.2 Personal development plan towards leadership and management skill development 8
Task 3 9
2.3 Managing personal development of Leadership and Management Skills 9
Task 4 11
3.1 Review of personal development plan against the original objectives 11
3.2 Effectiveness of the personal development of leadership and management skills 12
3.3 Further development of personal development Plan 12
Conclusion 13
References 14

In this business world it is very important to have the knowledge about the management and leadership skills. In this report has detailed about the management and leadership skills. Every organization has some specific objectives. And the organization also has some specific set of cultures and values which are maintained by the organization employees. To acquire the objectives of an organization the value and culture of the organization have strong influences. The leaders and managers also have to take steps based on the objectives, values and cultures if the organization. To cope up with the organizational values and cultures the manager and the leaders of an organization require having enough skills and knowledge regarding their fields. In this report it is also described about how a manager develops his personal skills to achieve the organizational objectives. Additionally, the effective personal development process has been detailed in this report.
Task 1
Organizational objectives values

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