Personal Goals

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Personal Goals
DeAndra Fennell
HCS/301 Undergraduate Nursing Studies January 10, 2011
Delores Martinez

Personal Goals

Life for me has been very interesting. I started off in the nursing field as a nursing assistant and patient care tech at 19 working my way through school both full-time and part-time until I finally graduated from Virginia State University with my Associate’s of Science Degree in Nursing. After accomplishing that goal I have reached somewhat of a plateau in my life I have so many short and long-term goals I want to accomplish both professionally and personally. Some of professional goals are, becoming a supervisor at my current job, obtaining my Advance Life Support Certification, obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, enlisting into the Navy Nurse Corps, becoming a Nurse Practitioner, and eventually one day becoming an Administrator of an Acute Care Facility. As well as having professional goals in life you should have personal goals. My short and long term-personal goals are; relocating to Chicago, Illinois, getting married, and having children. The typical American Dream. These goals are not far from my reach with self motivation and perseverance all of these goals can be accomplished. The first professional short-term goal I plan to accomplish soon is becoming a night supervisor at my job. I am currently working in long-term care as a Registered Nurse working on a skilled care unit taking care of retired Armed Forces Service Veterans. When hired at my current job, one month after passing my NCLEX examination I was hired for the position of Charge Nurse, remembering when I...

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