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What should be done right after a shock has been delivered and no signs of life are obvious? -give chest compr

What is the preferred method for performing 1-rescuer CPR on an infant? -use 2 fingers
A 48-year-old male was working on a construction site on a very hot and humid day. He staggers to your vehicle and tells you that he is dizzy, his legs are cramping, and he feels sick. He is sweating, and his skin feels hot and wet. What would you suspect? -Heat exhaustion

You tried to give the first breath to an unconscious choking infant, but the air did not go in. You repositioned the head and attempted another breath. The air still did not go in or make the chest rise. What should you do next? -Give 30 chest compressions/ 2 finger swipe

There is a man lying on the ground and the scene is safe. You have approached, put on your personal protective equipment, and are kneeling beside him. What should you do now? -Tap and check for awareness

What is the preferred method for performing 1-rescuer CPR on a child? -use one heel
You are eating lunch in a restaurant and a woman suddenly drops to the floor behind you. The scene is safe, so you approach and check for responsiveness. She is unresponsive and not breathing normally. You send someone to call 911. Next, you give 30 compressions, check the mouth for an object, and attempt a breath. The breath does not go in, and the chest does not rise. What is your next action? -Reposition the head and reattempt a breath

You performed a finger sweep for an unconscious, choking woman, and pulled an object out of her mouth. What is your next action? -attempt a breath
Which of the following is the appropriate treatment for a person with a suspected second-degree (blister) burn on her forearm? -cool the burn by applying cool water
How will you perform CPR on an unresponsive man with no signs of life? -30 chest pumps 100 per min followed by 2 breate
You are called to help a 48-year-old male who has shortness of breath, is sweating, and has pressure across the top of his chest. He says that he has been feeling this way for the last hour. He has no history of heart problems and is not taking any medications. What do you suspect is wrong, and what should you do next? A

Stroke. Lay the person down and call 911. Monitor his airway, breathing, and circulation. B
Indigestion. Give the person some antacid and check to see how he feels in 15 minutes. C
No medical problem. Tell the person to rest and see if he feels better in about half an hour. D
Heart attack. Call 911, assist him to the position of comfort, offer him a non-coated aspirin, and monitor.

Your child is having a birthday party and some of the kids want to see who can fit the most grapes in their mouth at one time. One of the 8-year-old children begins choking on a grape. After some forceful coughing, she becomes silent with some gagging sounds but cannot move air in and out by herself. What would your next action be? A

Begin chest thrusts and continue until the object comes out
Look in the mouth. If you see the object, sweep it out with your smallest finger C
Ask the child if she is okay. If she is unable to speak or breathe, begin abdominal thrusts until the object comes out or she becomes unconscious. D
Simply assure the child she is okay, call 911, and wait for help to arrive You have just given 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths to an unresponsive man. What is your next action? A
Give 30 chest compressions
Wait for EMS to arrive
Reposition the airway
Give two more breaths

What is one of the best ways to childproof a home from danger? A
Install key locks on all cupboard doors
Get down on the level of a child, on your hands and knees, and look around for dangers C
Never allow a child to walk down or up any stairs
Keep all medications and all cleaning supplies together in one cupboard that is higher than a child can reach

A person fell from a 10-foot ladder onto a sidewalk. The...
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