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Topics: Nursing care plan, Activity, Individual Pages: 5 (1782 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Nvq 2 unit 56

A care plan involves identification of the s/u’s interests, preference's, and abilities; and any issues, concerns, problems, or needs affecting the s/u’s involvement/ engagement in activities. In addition to the activities component of the comprehensive care plan, information can also be found on a separate activity sheet. Activity goals related to the comprehensive care plan should be based on measurable objectives and focused on desired outcomes, e.g. engagement in an activity that matches the s/u’s ability, maintain attention to the activity for a specific period of time, expressing satisfaction with the activity verbally or non-verbally. For s/u’s with no discernible response, service provision is still expected and may include one-to-one activities such as talking to the s/u, reading to the s/u about prior interests, or applying lotion whilst stoking the s/u’s hand or feet e.g. massarge. At Spenser rd we have a few s/u that have 1-to-1 and on s/u that has 2 to 1 on some activities but also has 1-2-1 on other activities. The care plan should also identify the discipline(s) that will carry out the approaches e.g. Notifying the s/u’s preferred activities

Transporting s/u who needs assistance to and from activities (including indoor, outdoor or outings) Providing needed supplies of adaptions, such as- obtaining and returning audio books, setting up adaptive equipment, etc. It is important when reviewing a care plan to remember that there might be many others involved it development and delivery, such as family, care staff and close friends. As each care plan is designed to target the specific needs and requirements of the individuals, only can be understanding the roles that others contribute, can be effective and beneficial care strategy can be put in place. 1.2

When establishing the individual’s preference's for carrying out activities, you would establish these with an initial assessment and a care plan reviews and individual reviews. This is done so the individual can join in, in activities in the way they want, and participate in the activity in the way they require to participate. E.g. at Spenser road, we as keyworkers sitting down with our key clients, and set out goal activities for the individual, this state the activity, and how to support them this is to encourage independence and self- esteem. 1.3

Recognise the importance of activity and the need for individuals to be included, regarding of their impairments, is essential when encouraging individuals participation and social interaction. Recording and using information about an individual’s life history is important when including activity in the care planning process. To achieve a positive outcome with planned activities, biographical knowledge combined with information about the individual’s current strengths, expectations, wishes and needs is required. We would expect good activity plan to be created, followed, reviewed and updated to accurately reflect the individual’s needs. As well as reviewing the suitability and adaptability of the activities, we would expect important information to be collected about the individual’s satisfaction with regards to activity provision. Most importantly we would expect to see the individuals care plan. 2.1

Some individuals may not be able to co-operate for emotional reasons- they may lack the confidence to make any moves for themselves because of fear of falling of pain or discomfort. Where the plan of care has identified that the individual is capable of co-operation in moving and handling, this should be gently encouraged and any reasons for the individual reluctance to co-operate should be discussed with the individual. Where there is any conflict between the individual’s wishes and health and safety issues, it is important that these are discussed and that you explain to the individual, as well as yourself and your colleagues. Very attempt must be made to reach a compromise so that...
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