Personal Brand Plan

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Personal Brand Plan
October 5, 2014

Personal Brand Plan
This paper will discuss three places of work and look a little into myself and the direction hoped to be taken. My three places of employment would be Child Protective Services, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and my local county center to help others. My goal is to help children, families, vets, and homeless get on their feet and be productive. I have been the last few years volunteering with my children’s school coordinating family events for learning and understanding so they can grow in school. I have also volunteered in Relay for life and Habitat for Humanity. These were fulfilling and fun ways to help get others on their feet the school had low learners and parents in some cases they either did not understand or know English this helped in their family growth. Raising money for a great cause and being a small part of what was going on was amazing. Building a home for someone in need of a roof over their families head is fulfilling helping that family get on their own feet. I am going to school for my Bachelors in Human Services.

I like the organization that helps families stay together and stop families from hurting one another. Child Protective Services is an organization that has a bad part as they can and do take children from the home. But they do offer so much for a family to learn grow and come together again. They offer classes for things such as drugs, parental discipline, parenting, difficult children, and many more things as well as counseling children, parents, and family. They check on calls and see many situations but they can if wanted get a family back together in a healthy manor.

Department of Veterans affairs helps vets find medical help, homes, and counseling. I think helping our vets after they come home is important they have fought for us. Managing to take what they need and direct them in the right...
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