Perserving the Crime Scene

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Preserving the crime scene, 1

Preserving the crime scene

Preserving the Crime Scene, 2
When a CSI arrives on scene, he doesn’t just start processing the scene. First he must stop and take a look around to see where he will be working. Understanding the environment will help make processing the scene way easier. After the crime scene technician has an understanding of the scene, he must find out what kind of crime took place there. Once the technician has a better understanding of the crime and the environment the crime took place in he is almost ready to enter the scene. Before he can enter he must check with an officer to make sure that the scene is secure. After entering the scene, the technician must make adjustments to the crime scene size and establish a path of travel that disrupts as little of the scene as possible. Once a path is established, the technician shouldn’t leave the path unless it becomes necessary. Once the crime scene tech gets an understanding of the crime, he can make adjustments to the size of the crime scene again. It’s easier to make the scene smaller than it is to make it bigger. After the crime scene tech goes through the scene, he must speak with the first officer on scene and with the paramedics (if they were called out), then he must immediately transport the evidence he collected back to the lab. Preserving the evidence is really important. Time can destroy evidence and bad evidence can destroy a court case. Once the evidence is safely and correctly stored, the crime scene technician can call the appropriate people to examine and test the evidence. After the evidence is Preserving the crime scene, 3

examined, the Crime scene technician takes the results to the lead detective, then his job is done.
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