Permissive vs. Strict Parenting

Topics: Childhood, Want, Need Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: November 26, 2005
Leave me alone or I'll scream! I'm calling the authorities and tell them you are abusive. These are threats we hear today from our youth. Very little respect is shown to those in authority. Parenting guidelines have diminished over the last fifty years leaving us with a compromised future. Single parenting and busy schedules are only the beginning of the problems we face with effectively raising the adults of tomorrow. These concerns and others have placed a part in removing the much needed structure in our homes. Lack of supervision and concern for today's youth have created a lack of interest in goals with our children. Crime along with drug and alcohol use with our children is at an all time high and rising. Parenting skills need to be brought back into our society in order to develop successful children. Today it is nothing to see a child swear or show disrespect in public. They are unaware that it may be considered rude and unacceptable. Many children have no supervision from the time they go to school until the time they go to bed. It may be the cause of a single parent working or maybe even an irresponsible parent. Many parents today feel that they were raised too strictly and they should allow their child to be free and express themselves. There are even children who are encouraged to speak their mind whether or not it is to an adult and may be considered disrespectful. Such encouragement does not teach a child respect let alone the skills needed to succeed with a job or life in general. While these may be examples of blatant disrespect brought on by flaws in parenting, there is hope for some of our future citizens. Children and adolescents do anger parents and parents need to learn control when angered. A firm "NO" to a toddler about to walk in traffic may work but will not affect a crying baby. Firm rules followed by consequences are needed to give a child the understanding of what is expected of them. Discipline is not complete...
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