Permanently Activate Office 2010 Professional Plus.

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The notes are based on using Word, but any other Office 2010 application can be used (phone activation takes less than 2 minutes).

01. Disconnect internet, and start Word.

02. If the activation window appears close it.

03. Go to menu File, Help, Change Product Code, and then enter key:


04. Untick the "Activate over internet" box at the bottom, and click "Next".

05. In the window that appears click "Install".

06. When finished the Install process, close word an then reopen Word.

07. An activation window will appear (if not, go to menu File, Help, Activate).

08. Select the "Phone Activation" option, and click "Next".

09. Pick your country, then ring the number and follow the instructions.

10. When asked for your ID, input the code given in the Word activation window.

11. When asked which edition, choose business/volume use, used only on 1 pc.

12. A code will be given back, and enter the code into the activation box.

13. Click "Next", and Office will say that it's permanently activated.

14. Close Word (and any other Office 2010 application).

15. Restart Word, and go to Help to check the subscription status.

- If you don't get the automated system when calling then phone back in the evening or Sunday. - If you are put trough to an operator then just lie and they give you the code. - If you had used a kms activator previously for 180 day activation then just use the same activator to uninstall the kms process and any scheduled reactivation., you don’t need to deactivate Office.
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