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 Eugene Maddy
English/mod 4


What if the world we lived in was perfect? As long as I live I doubt the world we live would get perfect. Things that would make up is if everyone was wealthy, they had perfect knowledge, and if they have the same style.

If everyone was wealthy the following would happen. Good things about being everyone being wealthy would be know one would be homeless and could live comfortably and not have to worry about bills or gas money. Everyone can afford anything they want. It would be easy for everyone to support there families no matter how large.

The bad things about everyone being wealthy would be criminals could spend money on things that would mess up the world. There would be too much trash for the earth to even contain. Also there would be know point to people even working since everyone’s rich. If everyone were rich it would be both good and bad for the world.

What if everyone was smart? There would basically be no point of there even being school. If everyone was smart this would happen. The good things are products made by companies would have no error to it and would always work correctly. Another good thing would be. Know one would be confused about anything so there would be know need to look things up at the library or on the web. Also having perfect knowledge would help anyone in life or death situations. The bad things about everyone being smart would be this. Criminal would be as smart as police officers. Knowing everyone would make everything seem pointless. There would be no point in learning things. There are many dumb people in the world we live in now. But if the everyone was smart the would be a much better place to live in.

Have you ever said to yourself what if everyone had the same style? If they did know would make fun of the way you dress. Everyone would compliment you on what you wear. You would also be able to fit in with your friends...
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