Perfect Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 9, 2012
The perfect education system is hard to define because what I think is perfect another person could think that it is absurd. My perfect education system would be a mixture of technology and human interaction, All the children will be provided with a computer/tablet that has the textbooks loaded onto it. The students will receive textbooks to take home so that they could do their homework. The teacher will film their lectures and upload them to the schools' web system so that the students can reference back to the lecture when they are doing their homework at home. In my education system business leaders, political leaders, and leaders from other industries will come in regularly to give lectures on the skills and knowledge needed in the real world. The curriculum in my system would be decided upon by the teachers, parents, and industry leaders. The collaboration of these different groups would produce a curriculum that is relevant in the real world. It would give the student the option of going to college or going straight to work. The role of the teacher is that of a lecturer, facilitator, and mentor. The teacher will present the information to the students in a manner that is interesting and relateable to the students. As the facilitator the teacher will make sure that the class discussions run smoothly and that each student has the opportunity to discuss the subject and express their opinion. As the mentor, the teacher will encourage their student and be there for the student. The student will also have their role in this perfect system. The student will be an active learner who is responsible for being present and interacting in class. The student will participate in class discussions and help other students to comprehend the subject. This perfect system fits into my philosophy of education. My philosophy on education is the following: Education should encourage and challenge the student and teacher to take an active role in the learning process....
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