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The theory of practice of teaching and interpreting knowledge, also known as education, is generally percepted in society to be the surest path to achieving success in one's lifetime. Over the centuries, the system of learning has changed jurastically and has presented itself in a number of different ways to a variety of cultures and civilizations. The earliest forms of education date back to pre-history, which is what we refer to as the time before the written word. In that spectrum, teaching and learning was carried out only through sounds and body language; a lot like the interactions we see amongst animals today. We all know that education is of great value, and that's why in recent generations the major problems that have arised have all dealt with who gets to be educated and at what price. Those problems have been resolved and for quite some time now, a free public education has been available in the United States. The new problems are the questions like, "Is it losing quality? , Does the criteria need to be updated?" and "Is it worth the price?" The quality of a public education and the price of post secondary schooling are two issues that our country faces in today's world. If we can solve or so much as improve these conflicts then more people will take their free education for what it's worth and hopefully not have to pay as much for their college degree. Other factors that come into play when measuring how successful you will be in life are, believe it or not, demorgraphics. Your sex, race, and where your from can play a role in how much money you will make in life. These are topics that regularly appear in the modern day debate of education and they are also some of the issues that I will be covering in my paper. I will be thoroughly analyzing education and assessing my own opinions about it. Surest Path to Success

I was curious as to why education is really considered the most reliable road to take on the way to a better life and what kind of statistics might back that theory up. I used different areas to find my sources ranging from the library to newspapers, and even cyberspace. I used the Google to help and according to many education websites, studies and statistics show a direct correlation between the quality of living and the amount of education an individual demonstrates. The government's census website shows that the average salary of a high school graduate is $25,900 whereas for someone who has a bachelor's degree of higher makes anywhere from $52,200 to $109,600. That means, with just a little bit of college you are already guranteed twice as much money as you would if you were only a high school graduate. As your qualifications in education progress, your salary will increase. Whether or not you measure success by how much money you make is up to you, but it's a realistic perception in society to view money as the most valuable thing you can earn. Those with more money generally live more quality lives in more quality areas, but like I said, it all depends on what you consider being successful or not. Reformation

Change is definitely something that our society needs in order to make the proper advancements required to thrive as a whole. Our education is what shapes the perceptions of our new generations and the people of tomorrow. This is why we need to provide our children with the most effective upgrades in the teaching and development of knowledge. Although America is considered the most powerful nation in the world, the numbers fail to reflect that opinion when it comes to testing our youth's intelligence. Studies show, American students are ranked very low amongst other countries in math and science testing. Reformation of the education system is what is exercised when different governments run into a decline in the perfomance of their students. If a reasonable percentage of kids are not succeeding in their school work, the solution might involve a tranformation in the way...
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