Peer Pressure

Topics: Burma, Causality, Pressure Pages: 1 (618 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Jonathan Bertolotti
English 101
Summary Response #2
15 September 2014
Peer PressureShooting an Elephant, by George Orwell, was a very emotional and graphic story that opens the eyes of many people. Beginning the story with some background information, Orwell describes how difficult it is being a white man in Lower Burma, and discusses how much he is hated and made fun of by the people. He is a police officer, which gives people even more of a reason to hate him. After all the background information he starts getting into the heart of the story, shooting the elephant. A tame elephant escaped and was causing disaster in the town and squashed a man to death. Orwell was called to do something about this elephant, and he went, but his plans changed when the people pressured him into something he would always regret. Men told him where the elephant was, down in a paddy field, he got an elephant rifle (for protection), and marched down to the field with a gathering crowd of over two thousand Burmans. The elephant was done causing a scene and was calmed down, but Orwell still felt pressured by the people to shoot the elephant. He ended up shooting it, just so he would not be labeled as the white fool. Orwell let the public influence his actions, therefore, as a result he had to live with the unwanted regret due to the decision he made under peer pressure. Orwell, like many people, faced peer pressure, which lead to a dead elephant. Even though his actions were justified, he knew it was not right and he had to live with that for the rest of his life. Peer pressure is a big problem in our world today, especially with our younger generations. This could be due to the lack of parental support and presence, but whatever the cause may be the result can be very devastating. Children around the world are being pressure in to things such as: Drug, Drinking, Stealing, Pornography, and many more illegal things. Does Orwell’s story teach those who read it to give...
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