Peer Influence On Why People Commit Crimes

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Driving under the influence, Alcohol law Pages: 4 (900 words) Published: September 10, 2015

From reading the research scientists have made it is different to see all the different things in crimes. According to my own experience, the order of the ranking I had is first peer influence, drugs and alcohol, parental relations, education, heredity and brain activity, discouraging criminal activity, easy access, and finally hormones.
In my own experience, the factor that causes the most crime would be Peer Influence. This is the most committed crime I have seen because nowadays in high school most teens seem to only focus on “fitting in”. When they are pressured into doing things that they do not want to, they feel cool because they have done whatever per say drugs but they do not really realize what it is gonna do to them. Peer influence and Drugs and alcohol both kind of tie together because most people pressure their peers into doing drugs and alcohol. These would be the top 2 crimes that i have seen people commit. There is more of peer influence though so the second would be Drugs and Alcohol.
Drugs and Alcohol is a...

If a kid were to be abused growing up they would want to try and turn to something else for the attention that they want. I have had friends who have gone through times in which their parents fight at home and when this happens they come to school usually upset and take their anger out other people and turn to violence thus creating the “cycle of violence”. I believe that people that grow up without love and support slowly begin to progress this strong anger each day because they might see people around them having what they have always wanted. Having this said this person would probably do anything to get that attention and would most likely turn to a crime. Parental relations is very important, I grew up with both my parents but many of my friend’s parents live...
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