Peak Power

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Performance appraisal Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Case 4:
Peak Power is having difficulties with their employee performance appraisal system, which is a major problem seeing that PAS is the method used to elevate job performance of an employee quality, quantity, cost, and time. The original system is outdated and was implemented by an inexperienced management official. The elevations are taken lightly and completed and reviewed in under a time span of 20 minutes. This to me is not enough time to get a full elevation of someone’s job performance. Employees have a feeling of indifference to the system used and the ratings are rarely used when giving promotions. Things like this can cause problems in the work place. Currently the company is looking into employing a new Director of their Human Resources Department. Current problems within the company are as follows, a poor and untrained department. This is a major problem, to run a successful business at any level your staff must be ready and welling. If they are untrained in the field they work in, how can they better the company? There was a survey that informed the company, that managers and supervisors do not accurately complete the appraisal, which means everyone is at fault in this tear down of the business. The survey also informed the company they their best bet is to, find and hire a well trained and experienced Dir. Of Human Resources. In order to improve them the company must know that possible act could be, employee performance appraisal can be used for termination, is reports are poor. If company officials have made previous attempts to change the system before thing could have been better. The extent to how much each supervisor puts into completing the appraisal. Last additional information that could be used, information should be used from thing reports for promotions or raises.

Possible solutions to this problem that Peak Power is facing: 1. Hire experienced Dir. for the HR department. Hiring someone to work in this position who has a clear...
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