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Assignment 2 Report

1) Introduction2

1.1) Purpose2
1.2) Background2
1.3) Block Diagram3

2)Requirements analysis4

3)Possible solutions5


4.1) PCB Design6
4.2) PCB Construction8
4.3) PCB Testing8


6)Discussion of results14



1) Introduction

1.1) Purpose

Various schematic symbols and diagrams are familiarized and a schematic is a collection of electronic symbols connected together with virtual “wires”. When fabricating a printed circuit board (PCB), a schematic is needed to provide input (a netlist) to the layout and routing tool (Varteresian, 2002). In other words, the capture of a schematic diagram is a convention to PCB, subsequent construction and testing. The design of PCBs is very widely used in electronic equipment and systems, for example, good EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) practices. These PCB-level EMC practices usually help achieve the required EMC performance at a much lower cost than alternative EMC measures at higher levels of integration, such as whole-product shielding. They also improve signal integrity in both analogue and digital circuits (Armstrong, Aug 1999). Power decoupling techniques can improve the power supply of a PCB and transmission lines techniques are a part of the PCB layout (Armstrong, Oct 1999). The MM232R is a miniature development module which uses FTDI’s FT232RQ. In this assignment, MM232R needed to be designed according to the datasheet. Besides, switches of four pins also needed to be designed, but only two pins were used in diagram. PIC18F1320, a microcontroller, which features six enhanced power-managed “software controlled” modes, power consumption as low as 0.1 microamps in standby mode and a wide operating voltage range from 2 to 5.5 volts which makes this device ideal for battery managed applications (Unknown, 2007). It has some advantages, such as namely and high computational performance at an economical price, with the addition of high endurance Enhanced Flash program memory. There are a range of features that can significantly reduce power consumption during operation, including Alternate Run Modes, Multiple Idle Modes, On-the-fly Mode Switching and Lower Consumption in Key Modules (Unknown, 2004). A pre-programmed PIC18F1320 was made available for testing purpose. This assignment is a simple two LED display, 3 push button switches and USB interface PIC18F1320 based PCB. The Pickit connector enables this device to be programmed with the user functions required. The LEDs keep flashing when the PCB was connected with the power supply or USB cable. Pushing the reset button (W1), both LEDs go out for a moment then both come on for a moment and then start flashing again. The aim of this assignment is to make the flashing decrease (increase) in frequency by pushing and holding down W2 (W3). This assignment consists of three parts: PCB design, PCB construction and PCB testing.

1.2) Background

PCB means printed circuit board, also known as a printed wiring board. It is used in electronics to build electronics devices. A PCB serves two purposes in the construction of an electronic device; it is a place to mount the components and it provides the means of electrical connection between the components (Unknown, 2003). It is a thin board made of fiberglass or a similar material. Electrical wires are “printed” onto the board, connecting the central processor to other components on the board. Some examples of PCBs include motherboards, RAM chips, and network interface cards. Sometimes PCBs are abbreviated as “PC boards”, which is fitting, since the boards are commonly used in personal computers. However, PCBs are also found in other types of electronic devices, such as radios, televisions, and computer monitors. Because PCBs are...

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