Network Design

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Network Design
In this paper I will be going over a network design proposal for a building on the UMUC campus in Adelphi, Maryland. I would plan to run a fiber optic network to ensure the fastest speeds possible and fiber optics are notorious for not having any signal loss compared to a Cat5e. Using a star topology throughout the building with the servers in each classroom connected to the server room on the respective floor. Equipment used to build the network will consist of servers, routers, hubs and computers. There will be a physical firewall installed on each server and an IDS (Snort) for the network as well as AVG firewall and virus scanner. The network will have a /16 subnet with the following IPs serving each section: as the Network Identifier as the Instructional Network (INET)
The broadcast IP will be
Available IPs will be - 254 as the Administrative Network (ADM)
The broadcast IP will be
Available IPs will be - 254 as the Public Network (PUB)
The Broadcast IP will be
Available IPs will be - 254
Each subnet will have a maximum of 253 IP addresses, which is more than enough for each section. The instructional and administrative networks will use assigned IP addresses to keep all traffic segmented. The public network will use DHCP beginning with through This network is a Star Network as all computers will have the ability to communicate with each other. By using a star topology we avoid a situation where if a machine goes down then the whole network goes down. The Admin computers and will be on a separate network to keep the students from access to higher functions on the network, and the IT Staff computer will be given the highest access based on their job. FIRST FLOOR

On the first floor, there are 60 student computers (INST), 13 teacher/admin computers (ADM), 4 servers (ADM), and WIFI in the student lobby...
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