Pc Versus Apple

Topics: Operating system, Macintosh, Apple Inc. Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Jacob Swift
English 101
April 16, 2013
PC versus Apple

Ever since I started working with computers and gadgets I have always ended up leaning towards PC or for phones and tablets I would use Android instead of apple. Macs operating system is a lot more simple and visual but is very limited in what you can do. PC on the other hand has an unlimited amount of customization options. With a PC you can use many different operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, and RedHat if you prefer any of those to Windows. PC usually is more intuitive and logical when you have to do things, it can be simple but you have much more customization on PC than Mac. If you are building your own PC or Mac you will have an unlimited amount of options with PC because it is compatible with almost every piece of hardware. When you build a Mac you are limited to the parts that have been made compatible to IOS (which is the Mac operating system). PC’s are usually less expensive as compared to Macs even though they are limited on what you can do and run on them. A lot of companies only make their software for Windows because more people use PC. If you want to make a computer that is made for gaming you will definitely want to use a PC because there are very few games that are made to run on Mac. With Mac you will have to download and run a Windows emulator which will slow your computer down in order to be able to play a game that was built for windows; it is possible to play games on the Mac, but it is usually far more (unnecessarily) complicated. If you are not into customization, playing games, or having way more options, the price of the Mac could turn you off. When you go to buy a PC or Mac, you can find one that has identical hardware and the Mac will end up costing twice as much. Although the Mac’s nice white polished cases make them seemingly more attractive, you can find some equally aesthetically pleasing cases for PC, ruling out that excuse for...
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