PC vs Mac

Topics: Personal computer, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: April 22, 2014
PC vs. Mac
Deciding whether to make an investment in a Windows PC or an Apple Macintosh provides unique technological features. Both the Personal Computer and the Macintosh have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although PCs are the dominant choice for a computer, the Macintosh still competes toe to toe in many aspects of performances. Elements such as cost, customization, and security, all add to the conflict of which computer is ultimately superior. To begin, the cost of a computer can fluctuate from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand dollars. A Macintosh differs from a PC immediately because a Mac is built for media programs. When purchasing a Macintosh computer, there are only three types of systems. Apple offers the iMac, MacBook, and Mac Pro. Each one of these unique machines is prebuilt and increases the cost of the computer drastically. On the other hand, a PC can be purchased in a variety of ways. For example, shopping online you can buy a $700 desktop computer that will satisfy the average user for a few years. In addition, you can select and purchase expensive parts for a gaming computer. A $1,500 customized Personal Computer can be built to run any advanced game with ease. However, a $3,000 MacBook will not be able to function as well as the customized gaming PC, and may encounter problems. The cost of an Apple MacBook will always be more expensive because they are all prebuilt, unlike most Personal Computers. Self-building your own PC has become the cheapest method of all, and allows for interchangeable parts in the future. Customization is the most appealing trait in owning a Windows PC. With a Personal Computer, you can manually open your system and modify any part of your choice. With doing so, an individual can create an infinite variety of ways to develop the machine of their dreams. For example, many people alter the interior of their computer with water flowing through the machine for maximum cooling. In addition, many people...
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