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Question 1
Characteristics of bad systems
To be useful, the information system must possess the characteristic of reliability, relevance, understandability, complete, accurate and comparability. However, in order for Encik Khalid to detect problems occur with the current or new system are based on the characteristics of bad system which are unreliable, irrelevance, not understandable, incomplete, inaccurate, and incomparable. The first characteristic is unreliable. Encik Khalid may detect the bad characteristic if the system is unreliable. This can be seen when the information received is bias, corrupted and does not represent what it seek to be represent. If Encik Khalid did not believe and depend on the information given by the system, thus, the system is also representing a bad system. To ensure that the information is reliable, it must be verifiable, neutral, and faithful in representing the economic condition. The second character is irrelevant. The system is a bad system when the information cannot influence the decision to be made. If Encik Khalid made a decision without referring to the information gathered from the system, then the system is not relevant. The system also does not considered as relevant if the information is not available in time and does not help in prediction and feedback. Next is not understandable. It occurs when the content from the system is hard to understand by the user of the system. The qualities that distinguish between good and bad communication in a message are fundamental to the understandability of the message. Communication will happen when the message is interpreted by the receiver of the message in the same way the sender sent. Therefore, Encik Khalid found it hard to interpret or wrongly interpret the message received by the system, it makes the system is difficult to understand. The system is considered as a bad system when it is incomparable. The quality of the system is based on the information that enables the user to identify changes in the economic phenomena over a period of time, between two or more entities. A good system is where it can be compared with other company with a different system in a same industry. Encik Khalid can detect if the system is bad when he may not be able to compare the current performance of the company with its previous performance or with other company with a same company background or industry. Incomplete is known as a character for a bad system. The system is to be considered as incomplete when it does not cover the entire work field. As when the system to be incomplete, it will be hard for the user to finish up what is required to be done by them. Encik Khalid can detect the system qualities based on the functionality of the system that will lead to backlog. Lastly is inaccurate. It is important for a company to have a good system in managing the operations of the company to avoid inaccuracy of the information receive from the system. When the system is inaccurate, it will make the system cannot be reliable and the company operation will faced the problem in the future when it want to compare the data of the company with others. Encik Khalid will notice the insufficiency in the accuracy of the system when checking the inventory account of the company which will have a shortage or surplus of goods. The inaccuracy can happen during the update of inventory or during the reordering process of the inventory in which the system will double calculate the item in the inventory.

Question 2
You need also to explain in detail to Encik Khalid what are the information systems elements that need to be designed? There are external and internal designs in the information system elements that Encik Khalid and his organization need. For the external design, it consist of input design, output design and user interface. For internal design, there are database, network, program and controls. They are call external design because these are...
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