Paulo Friere & John Dewey Creative Essay

Topics: Alternative education, Education, John Dewey Pages: 8 (3258 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Jamie Goetz
Final Paper - Option One
April 29, 2013
A Common, Sandy Ground
It’s Friday morning and I awake to a beam of bright sunshine streaming through the compact size bedroom window of my downtown apartment. It’s been a long week after finishing finals for my junior year of college, not to mention the busy work schedule taking up the other half of my life, leaving me with what seems like several seconds a day to eat, workout, and even attempt to think about my social life; however, that is all about to change! Leaping out of bed, I dash toward the closet to pack my suitcase, as this weekend responsibilities are being left behind as I venture south to Key West! Not only does my excitement rage in longing to relax in a tropical paradise I have not yet been, I am also thrilled for who is awaiting my arrival; two men, two very gifted men who will be able to share their fine knowledge with no other than myself. The two men, John Dewey and Paulo Freire, yes the very ones who have forever changed education through their theories and practice, will await my arrival at John’s luxurious ocean front beach house. Taking with me my knowledge gained in Schools and Society, books written on the two men presenting their viewpoints of which I plan to discuss, my personal thoughts and opinions regarding my own theory of education, and of course my bathing suit, I venture south.

As I drive south across the Skyway Bridge I begin to think just how lucky I am to have received such an honorable invitation for such an intellectually stimulating weekend. Leaning back, listening to the music, I begin to think of all the questions I plan to ask the men. There are endless possibilities for scholarly discussion. What exactly prompted John to come to his theory of experience within education? Were his theories constructed out of personal experiences from his own education? And what was it like to grow up and live during so many political and worldly changes such as war and revolution? I then begin to think about Freire’s life and his focus on the importance of culture. What was it like to be exiled to another country and to be at one time poor? Does he feel satisfied with the influence in which his critical pedagogy has had on not just the U.S., but also countries across the globe? With my mind racing and the breeze blowing in through the windows, I cruise on.

The sun slowly begins to sink across the sky as I turn into the white paved driveway leading to John’s house. The temperature is vastly warmer although I am only a few hours south of my current residence. As I pull up to the house, I am blown away at the hefty residence standing before me, obviously relevant to his wealthy family background and life of successful achievements. I shut the car off and begin to unload my car, grabbing my suitcase from the trunk, not falling short to smell the fresh scent of salt water floating through the breeze. Closing the trunk, and looking around, I notice that it’s very quiet. “Strange,” I thought, however, it is a large house, so maybe they are just tucked away inside somewhere. Making my way to the grand entrance, I ring the doorbell waiting for the two men to greet my arrival. I wait and wait, but no one comes. “Well this is just great,” I mumble. “I get invited here by these two gentlemen, they know the time of my arrival, but yet they’re not even here.” Aggravated and slightly tired after my long drive, I open the unlocked door, to a multi-million dollar mansion I might add, and make my way in. As I enter the room, I notice the beautiful architecture of the home, reflecting what I think to be in relation to that of the late 1800’s, a time very dear in John Dewey’s life. Looking around I see a lot of scholarly influence within the home. I think to myself, “With the amount of literary reference and study in his vacation home, I would hate to see how much his actual house contains!” As I begin to glance through the...
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