Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Healthcare and Small Business

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Healthcare and Small Businesses
Business Law/103
August 26, 2015
Professor X
Healthcare and Small Business
My paper will focus on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the impact it has on small businesses and their employees. This legislation was created to give all Americans access to affordable and quality health care coverage, regardless to any pre-existing conditions. Patients not only have control of health care choices, but they share the responsibility of cost. The reason why I chose this topic is that I was an extended part of the debate and voting process, during the time when the country was trying to understand “Obama Care” and members of Congress were debating the bill. I was employed within the eighth Congressional District of Massachusetts as a staff assistant and my job was to keep a congressional call log. Both Democrats and Republicans had health care reform bills, there were some parts of each bill that was effective. The Congressional office was kept open over the weekend before the voting so that the Representative could hear from the people in whom he serves. Constituents called and stopped by the office to give their opinions on healthcare. Congressman Capuano was a founder and co-chair of the Congressional Community Health Centers Caucus. He was a strong supporter of the proposed healthcare bill nicknamed “Obama Care”; the Representative was also one of 219 Democrats in the House that voted “Yea” on the healthcare bill. ( As a potential small business owner, I will need to have an understanding of how this law will impact my business, employees, and profits.

“Obama care was sold as a way to give small businesses new, cheaper sources of insurance through their own health exchanges. Most of those small-business exchanges will not be able to offer workers a choice of health plans in 2014 — which undermines one of the main purposes of having them. And it’s harder for small-business owners to follow the new rules and requirements than it is for bigger businesses, since they don’t have big human resource departments to help them out.” (, 2013/09/30) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was crafted to increase affordable and quality health insurance. This law forces insurance companies to cover applicants with the new standards and they can no longer discriminate patients because of their age, sex, or pre-existing medical conditions. Under the healthcare reform adult children under the age of 26 would also be covered under their parents health insurance. The law also enforces a system that oversees insurance plans that provides and limits their options in deciding low cost insurance coverage. ( Small businesses have a role of some importance, when it comes to the economy in the Untied States. These businesses are responsible for part of the job growth and are major sources of innovation in start up companies. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act grew from a history of failed health insurance reform. In the early 1990’s, some states searched for a way to expand health coverage to more residents by imposing regulation on regulations on the insurance companies. Insurers could not longer deny coverage to anyone because of their current health conditions, age, or sex, nor insurance companies could they raise the rates for the same reasons. These states imposed regulations that achieved their goal to expand admission to health coverage. The down side to these regulations was that people were also encourage seek coverage only after they became ill. This lead to an economic spiral, which caused premiums to rise, memberships declined and some people left the market entirely. (The Center for Public Integrity, June 2015) Massachusetts found a way to void the economic spiral that some states had. The state offered tax credits to some residents mandated to buy health...
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