Pathological Liar

Topics: Lie, Pseudologia fantastica, Abnormal psychology Pages: 4 (1684 words) Published: April 3, 2011
We have all lied at some time or another in our life. As a child, we may have lied so we would not get in trouble. As adults, we may lie to avoid disagreements with someone, so we can maintain a healthy relationship with that person. We teach children that it is wrong to lie; however lying comes natural for us, and we all lie whenever it is convenient. These kinds of lies are ‘white lies’. They are harmless lies if mentioned with the right purpose. People lie to loved ones more than anyone else. It is easier to lie to a loved one more than anyone else, because telling the truth might be more painful than a lie. Some people are better liars than others. When a person becomes habituated with lying, it becomes a problem. When Lies are told for no reason at all, it can cause a significant deal of stress in your life. Most of us have heard the words pathological liar which describes a person who is more than just a liar but also extremely dishonest. . Pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying is one of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. (Dike C.C.,Dike). It’s described first in the medical literature during 1891 by Anton Delbruck. (Dike) The term pathological lying has been widely defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, engaged in by a person who, at the time of observation, cannot definitely be declared insane, feebleminded, or epileptic. Such lying rarely, if ever, centers about an event; although exhibited in very occasional cases for a short time, it manifests itself most frequently by far over a period of years, or even a life time. It represents a trait rather than an episode.” (Healy)Many times the symptoms of a pathological liar can be confused for the symptoms of a compulsive liar. A person who lies for no reason at all and they realize that it is terribly uncomfortable to tell the truth is a Compulsive liar. It becomes a...
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