Topics: United States, Langston Hughes, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Jessica McCabe
Professor Bowes
English 24
October 15,2013
The American Ambition
You can only live life to the fullest, if you want to live a fulfilling life. Many say that the American dream is something that is no longer attainable due to the current state America is in. That the American dream is more of a fantasy then a reality. These people let all their goals and dreams fly out of the window the second they begin to think that way. The American dream is something that is absolutely with in reach. To reach this ultimate success you need to set your goals high and never stop striving, no matter what adversities you may face.

As Americans we can be what ever we want to be. There is no government to stop women from going to school, and there is no one putting restrictions on jobs based on race. In fact there are laws against sexism and racism. There is no excuse to not try your hardest to get where you want to be in life. In this day and age we have an African American president and women in congress. It may not have been easy for them but they didn’t let it keep them from achieving their goals. In Langston Hughes poem “Let America Be America Again” he says, “I am the Negro bearing slavery’s scars, I am the red man driven from the land” he trying to explain that America wasn’t such a great place. That people where taken advantage of. America has grown from these times and learned from the mistakes that where made. The then, oppressed groups of people have now accomplished more then they ever thought possible, with the help of the American dream. An excellent example of perseverance is in the article by Ben Mangan “American Dream: Dead or Alive”, he says “ In this country, anyone can make it if they work hard enough”. People of all races and gender are making positive changes in their lives because they are strong willed and fight for what they believe they can do to make their lives better. Opportunities are not things to be handed out to the people...
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