Past, Present, Future Paper

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Past, Present, and Future Paper
When I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse just like my mom. I started preparing myself by majoring in science, math, and typing in high school. I knew that these classes would one day prepare me for college. When I enter college at the University of Memphis after high school, I take all the prerequisites needed for the nursing program. Later, I entered nursing school at Baptist School of Nursing and I was well on my way to becoming a nurse. When I got in nursing school, I lost focus of why I was there and failed the nursing program. I decided to continue my education at Shelby State Community College (Southwest Community College) by retaking my biology classes to enter SSCC night nursing program.

Well I was going to college; I worked at Kroger part-time as a bakery clerk at night. There I meet my now husband at Kroger and we got married. Later, I entered SSCC night nursing program and started working for Kroger full-time as a cake decorator. I knew that nursing school, a full-time job, and a husband were going to be challenging, but I thought I could handle it. Everything was going fine until I was faced with a challenging issue. I was in my second Nursing class, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and I was pregnant with my first child. I thought once I had my child I would go back to Nursing School and finish. However, this plan did not work out, I knew that I could not work full-time, take care of a newborn and husband, and go to school full-time too. So, I gave birth to my daughter and never went back to school. I continued working in various jobs like Kroger,, Sam's Club, Alabaster Cleaning Service, and now Super Target. In between the various jobs, I had a second child five years later.

On August 2003, I was hired as a cake specialist for the first Super Target in Memphis. I worked as a cake specialist for the first two years and later became a deli team leader. I knew that this job would be challenging...
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