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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education



October/November 2010 2 hours

Candidates answer on the Question Paper. No Additional Materials are required.

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write your Centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in. Write in dark blue or black pen. You may use a soft pencil for any diagrams, graphs or rough working. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. No marks will be awarded for using brand names of software packages or hardware. Answer all questions. At the end of the examination, fasten all your work securely together. The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question.

For Examiner's Use

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IB10 11_0417_11/8RP © UCLES 2010

[Turn over

2 1 Name the input devices A, B, C and D using the words from the list. A B C D
For Examiner's Use

Num Lock

/ 8 5 2 000

* 9 6 3 .


7 4 1 0


Light pen


Numeric keypad

Remote control


Touch pad


Web cam


B D [4]


Ring two items which are storage media.

Bar code reader Magnetic tape

DVD RAM Sensor

Joystick Touch screen [2]


Tick TRUE or FALSE next to each of these statements. TRUE DTP software can be used with sound files. Measurement software is used to send emails. Spreadsheet software is used to create models. A command line interface can be used to communicate with a computer. PDAs are usually bigger than laptops. [5] FALSE

© UCLES 2010


3 4 Complete each sentence below using one item from the list. A chip reader A graphics tablet A multimedia projector A TFT monitor A digital camera A joystick An optical mark reader A graph plotter A laser printer A temperature sensor For Examiner's Use

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

is used to send data to a microprocessor controlled cooker. is used to read details from a bank card. is used to control a car driving simulator. is used to take photographs for inclusion in a web site. is used to input data from a school register. [5]


Tick three items of software which a PC connected to the internet might use.

A modem A virus scanner An email package Another PC A browser A keyboard [3]


A school has a database which includes details of every student. Tick whether the following statements refer to a file, a field or a record.

Field All the information about one student. One piece of information about each student. A primary key. All the information about all the students.




© UCLES 2010


[Turn over

4 7 A floor turtle can use the following instructions: INSTRUCTION FORWARD n BACKWARD n LEFT t RIGHT t PENUP PENDOWN REPEAT n END REPEAT MEANING Move n mm forward Move n mm backward Turn left t degrees Turn right t degrees Lift the pen Lower the pen Repeat the following instructions n times Finish the REPEAT loop For Examiner's Use

60° 50 mm Start
Complete the set of instructions to draw this shape by filling in the blank lines.



© UCLES 2010


5 8 Tick TRUE or FALSE next to each statement to indicate if it is an example of online processing. TRUE Computerised booking of a theatre ticket. Clearing cheques overnight. Paying at a supermarket using Electronic Funds Transfer. Printing monthly credit card bills. [4] FALSE For Examiner's Use


Multi-national companies often use video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings. (a) Tick three advantages of video conferencing.

Companies don’t have to employ so many workers. Companies can call meetings at short notice. Employees don’t have to prepare for meetings. Companies do not have to pay travelling expenses. Employees can work...
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