Passion in Education

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Lizzie Jimenez
March 20, ’12

Teachers vs. Students.
What came first, the chicken, or the egg? A question in which many would say the chicken, because without the chicken, the egg wouldn’t be there. Others might say that the egg came first because chickens come from eggs, so without the egg, the chicken wouldn't even exist. Its not the fact of which came first in this situation, rather than how they go hand in hand. Both the egg and the chicken need each other to be complete, just like teachers, and students. Teachers need students for educational purposes, and students need teachers to learn. The idea of “can there be education without passion?” is a debatable topic especially since some students might say that it’s the teacher’s job to make the class interesting and gain their interest. Teachers on the other hand might suggest that it’s up to the students to care enough about their education to motivate themselves to learn from the curriculum, no matter how tough, or dry the education may be. In the sense of coming together for a common cause passion is required to learn and succeed in school, but teachers also need passion to successfully teach their students.

Patrick Sullivan, an English teacher at Manchester Community College in Connecticut, author of “A Lifelong Aversion to Writing”: What If Writing Courses Emphasized Motivation” expresses the idea that teachers need to attain the interest of their students and teach them the criteria in ways that the students understand it, and feel the need to learn it, but he also believes that the students themselves need to develop Intrinsic motivation. “Students who are engaged and motivated learn almost effortlessly. Those who are not almost always struggle, resist, and often fail. Unmotivated students also often become disruptive and troublesome influences in our classrooms” (Sullivan, 120 ). Students who put forth the effort needed to succeed in a classroom tend to do better than those who...
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