Partnership Working

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Partnership working

Partnership work is essential when providing person centred support and it also the only way to address some of the govements most challenging long term social objectives. The national services frame work for older people 2001 (24-25) also outlines expectations around integrated working bet between health services and social care agencies working towards a single assessment process and joint commissioning. The health act reinforces the importance of joint working

The white paper July 2012 also state about working together long term paths and goals for a single assessment proses all working together to ensure all needs are met and people are in control know where to go and how to access making it easier to get what you need and when preventing delays lack of support the wrong support etc.

Change work in partnership and provide the services people need and want in a streamlined and readily accessible manner. When organisations work closely together it has a positive impact on peoples lives. When they develop shared protocols and co-ordinated interventions, people are able to access and use services more easily and effectively. It requires innovation and leadership and leads to reduced time, cost and duplication as well as simplified and accessible services, which improve wellbeing. Successful partnerships need will address the tensions between structures and cultures particularly in relation to national targets. They need to face the challenges associated with integrating services that are based on fundamentally different principles of governance and different types of central and local government accountability. The outcome is always to improve the quality of life and improved health and emotional wellbeing for all individuals using or needed services. At a time when the whole of the public sector must find significant savings, reports are saying: that integrated working across health and social care offers opportunities for efficiencies and improvements to services. Without it there is a risk of duplication and cost shunting where savings made by one organisation or sector create costs for others. And a lack of integrated working means that people are less likely to receive the best care.

Some of the Befits of good partnership working

Being able to offer a whole informed service

Being able to tap in to resource which other agency hold which leads to a better outcome for the service user

Assistance and help from appropriate people single assessment approach… helping the individual reduce the need to repeat their story to different professionals Clear roles and responsibilities

Being able to put in place effective and safe practices around confidentiality and information sharing services user has a legal and moral right to know what information is being shared regarding them

The sharing of knowledge and good work practices
Services user and staff know when to access further support and how to gain that it in turn providing both with more confidence and better service provision and better outcomes for the services user

Benefits for people
Services designed to meet people’s needs
Improved choice and control
Independence and inclusion
Targeted help
Benefits for partnerships
Sharing of knowledge and understanding
Pools resources
Reduced cost, time and duplication
Strong local ownership
Benefits for organisation
Increased capacity to deliver community services
Increased satisfaction with the service
Improved performance assessment
Improving information sharing between professionals.
Improving the efficiency of the care system as a whole.
Co-ordinating the provision of care.
Improving the planning and commissioning of care so that health and social care services complement rather than disrupt each other.

Some of the general Problems with partnership working

Despite the introduction of government legislation and initiatives during this time to...
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