Parents Are Responsible for the Bad Behavior of Children

Topics: Question, Mind, Consciousness Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: May 28, 2013
My Last Board Exam

I had a sleepless night, the night before my last board exam. I could not forget it, it was my computer exam. I spent the whole night in the preparation, I usually do not stay awake for whole night but at that night I was feeling different, an excitement and passion was in my attitude, may be it was because of the happiness of last exam. I studied the whole night, When the sun rises, I offered the fajar prayer then I start revising my course. After revising I closed my book, dressed up, while getting ready my mind was thinking about the course, I was nervous. I was asking myself did I have done this question, that question, what was the meaning of that word, Lots of questions running in mind, which was making me more conscious. I left my home, with the greeting of my mother. She knows what I was feeling inside, so she asked me to relax and take it easy. Reaching closer to examination center increased my consciousness, fear and excitement too. When I reached the examination center I took a deep breath, enter in the center, confusingly looking here and there as I was searching for any known face, then my friend’s face caught my eyes, I felt little relieved. I hurried to here ask about her preparation. She was going through the same situation from which I was going. She tells me about some important chapters, I missed the one important chapter, when I came to know that I started panic and start giving a look at that chapter in hurry. My friend asked me to relax. We entered in the examination hall, took our seats. I was looking around, faces of other students and found that every one is nervous around me. Then the exam starts, on the first look of the exam I thought I have forgotten every thing, even I felt that I never heard of these terms in my life. I control my nerves relaxed my mind and start reading the question paper again, then I stared writing the answers of question. In the two hours, given time of exam I completed...
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