Fear of Failure in Examinations

Topics: Anxiety, Emotion, Fear Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Fear about Failure in Examination

Why do most of the students fear in failing the examination rather than the test itself? What could be the main reason behind this fear? Are there any forces that might have affected the students’ perception about failing? Let us view this issue in five psychological perspectives and determine why this feeling among students arises. Students, especially those in the adolescence stage suffer in many indescribable emotional stresses that could affect their day to day behaviour and social relationship to others, and thus, makes the individual nervous on the outcome every time they take examinations.

Why would a student feel conscious enough in his or her exam’s result? We very well know that most students do not want to fail in the exams, why could it be? In the functionalist perspective, because the exams are the outputs that will determine the grade then it could be that the grade is very important for the student that he or she is scared to have grades that would be either a low mark or a failing mark. In this context of idea, the exam serves or functions as the one giving the fear to the students because of its importance to the percentage of every student’s grade. It will help the student to strive harder to do better in the next.

If we look this issue in the structuralist perspective, whenever students take an exam, especially those difficult ones, there is always a feeling of having butterflies inside the stomach, they feel cold and throbbing. It could also be the place or atmosphere where the students take their examination or maybe for being unprepared for it. Looking at the different factors which have affected the way of thinking the students do, we can see that these factors have triggered the feeling of being afraid in taking exams. Another explanation about the fear of failure in examinations could be the kinds of fear behind the fear in failing, which are the following: fear of abandonment, fear of exposing...
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