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Argument with Sources Formal Paper

When parents have their first child, it is often a shocking experience, especially when deciding how to raise them throughout their childhood. Often times, they create their parenting style by how they were raised. It is important that when parents are developing a philosophy for raising successful children they consider the importance of pushing their kids to achieve good grades to benefit from later, to let them be themselves and make some of their own decisions to learn from, and lastly by letting them deal with some of their own conflicts, not always being a “helicopter” parent.

Whether or not a child is successful or not in the future is mostly determined by how they are parented when they are younger. Developing a philosophy for success for your child is not the easiest thing to do; First, you may want to think about (source 1) how disciplinary to be while raising them. For example will they be allowed to run free all the time and do what they want with little discipline? Or will you going to make sure homework that is done and they have good grades; while still letting them have fun and be a kid. For example, I have a friend who always seems like he gets to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. His grades aren’t good, but he looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world and having lots of fun. He’s having fun now but in the future when he doesn’t get a good job nothing from the past will help him. That’s why it’s important to have a good balance between discipline and fun when deciding how to raise your children. Strict parenting isn’t always the worst as long as there is fun and happiness in the mix as well.

The next factor to consider when determining your parenting style is how you’re going to let your child handle themselves. (source 2) This meaning that sometimes you just have to let kids do what they want but know when to reel them back in so they can learn from you and the mistakes they’re going to...
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