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29 September 2014

Test Questions – A Catcher in the Rye

1. In paragraph three on page seven the author states “It was pretty depressing. I’m not too crazy about sick people. What made it even more depressing, old Spenser has the very sad, ratty old bathrobe that he was probably born in or something.” What does the passage say about Holden?

a) It shows that Holden is superficial and does not care for the elderly. b) It shows that Holden has a soft spot for the elderly.
c) It represents Holden’s want to help those who are helpless. d) It makes Holden seem spiteful toward sick people.
2. In the book the reference many reasons as to why Holden acts the ways he does. In chronological order express these details. Use evidence from the books. 3. In the book Holden and his friend Mal from the wrestling team decided to take a bus in Agerstown, watch a movie, and get hamburgers. Holden asked Mal if Ackley could go and he did not mind. Why did the boys not go to the movies? a) They decided it would be smarter to save their money

b) Holden came down with a sudden cold and wanted to lay in bed c) Mal and Ackley had already seen the movie and decided to get burgers instead d) The boys met some girls and decided to hang out with them instead. 4. In chapter thirteen the elevator operator offers to send Holden a prostitute for five dollars. In at least five sentences explain what happened between Holden and the prostitute. 5. When Sally Hayes refuses to run away with Holden. He says he’ll invest in a borrowing a car, living in a wood cabin, and getting married. But Sally once again says no. List her reasons. 6. In chapter 24 Holden meets with Mr. Antolini. As the two begin talking, Holden notices Mr. Antolini is drunk. Mr. Antolini asks about Holden’s expulsion from Pencey Prep and Holden says he did not like the rule and regulations of the school. After a heated...
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