Paradox of Money and Happiness

Topics: Money, Controversy, Happiness Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: March 17, 2011
The Paradox of Money and Happiness

“The ideas that rich and poor are equal before the law and that the vote of a rich man counts just as much as those of a poor man are two of the most radical ideas in human history. They are, of course, the essence of democracy.” Robert Kuttner, the Power of Money (Boston Globe 2001) By this he seems to mean that, the vote of a poor man is as powerful as that of a rich man although when a rich man comes out to vote in public is becomes very significant especially in African democracies where people do not know the essence of voting especially if they are already wealthy. In everyday’s life, money would mean any article or substance used as a medium of exchange, measure of wealth, or means of payment. The controversial argument about this legal tender from its history is whether it brings about happiness to those who really have it( the wealthy) or whether it brings about sadness to those who do not have it ( the poor). However, to some, the absence of money could bring more happiness and fewer worries in their life’s while to others, the presence of money could mean more trouble, more worries and less happiness. This essay seeks to examine the controversy between money and happiness. Money makes everything functions well. I agree with this accession because, with money you can have any material possession you want, you can acquire wealth; For example, with money you can decide to buy a new house today and four new cars which will mean happiness to you. On the other hand, I disagree with this statement because all these possessions will mean more stress to some other person since it will involve fueling the cars, paying insurance for all four cars, paying huge amount of money for mortgage and equally carrying on routine maintenance of the house. In as much as money makes everything functions well, it remains the pivot point of almost...
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