paradigm shift

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Unit 1 Research Paper 1: Paradigm Shift

Technology today is advancing every single day. It judges us by what we do and how we live. I say it judges us because well, we need it to live, like a pace maker, or simply a cell phone to look at emails from work and if we missed the then we wouldn’t know what is going on within the company. Technology is also everywhere and no matter where we turn it will keep on advancing our lives as long as we have the funds to afford it. Networking Technology is now the number one technology because without it, you cannot stream movies, play your Xbox 360/ PlayStation 3, and 4 games online against people all over the world. Many depend networking for business and simply chatting to other family member around the nation or maybe around the world as well. Networking is what links us to other on the web and for businesses connect with customers on the web. Networking will be more and more proficient in having bigger libraries of movies and music in the future. Also people might have a headband to wear to surf the internet, another way networking will improve. For an example in the Simpson’s episode 9, “Holidays of Future Passed” in the 23rd Season, they use plugs to plug into their neck and they are online through google. That may be a scary networking technology that I might not even think about. Summary of Key Findings

One thing for sure about networking is that it is needed for business to connect with their customers. Why you ask? Well, with today’s technology advancing so much that corporations

are extending their products online and even selling it cheaper online because it is much more to pay when the product is shipped by the company itself. Rather than having it shipped and selling

it on the store floor for more, it would be better to sell it online and have the customer pay for the shipping costs. That is just one way why businesses needs networking. Now there are some businesses that just solely online only and have no physical stores, which is better because they pay no property taxes and so forth. An example of an online only store is circuit city, due to the company losing money they decided to shut all the physical stores down and just maintain an online store only to keep costs down. EBay, Amazon, and Wayfair are just examples of online shopping sites and offer many choices of low to high end values. Since businesses are taking a liking to networking more because in some parts on the Nation, taxes are not necessary because well it is online.

Networking is also needed for social interaction with friends and family online, also known as social networking. Facebook is one of the biggest social networking corporations in the world. Using the networking technology to connect people online to find out what they like and also allow people to play games online like the infamous Candy Crush Saga. Many of today’s employers also look unto social networking sites to find out what kind of person are you. I know pretty sad isn’t, but have no fear as long as you don’t post anything negative, you should be alright. Many people have criticized the use of network technology by means of social interaction because they state that it interferes with the privacy act violations. Other than the fact

that there are other social media sites like MySpace, Twitter, and even Instagram. Networking here as a very big part when people like to post their personal life online. Too me that is just down right looking for trouble there. I too use Facebook but I post only what I want to post and the stuff I don’t post is none of your business.

Well another impact that has this world going and going all day and all night literality is the world of online gaming. Ever since the start of the networking era, online gaming has become one of the most used, influential, and very additive hobbies anyone can ever face in the networking technology science. Two of the biggest companies...

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