Topics: Marketing, Sales, Keeping up with the Joneses Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: January 23, 2015
 SEPHORA SUPPLY CHAIN QUESTIONNAIRE Contributors_________Brian Bowlan_________________________________________ 1. What is Sephora’s marketing strategy? How are they unique versus other retailers that sell beauty products? They started by stocking up and coming/new unestablished products. Now they have established brands, they are looking for a well balance between brands (traditional and indie), so that customers can find whatever they are looking for. 2. What type of distribution does Sephora prefer for its brands (exclusive/selective/intensive)? Sephora is in very few stores; therefore they are an exclusive distributor.

3. In return for providing an exclusive, what marketing demands do exclusive brands require of Sephora? They will run an ad or put items in the windows for a limited time.

4. What is the responsibility of the merchandising team? What do they do? The merchandising team is responsible for the relationships with the vendors. They are the ones who get the vendors to join the Sephora family. They also help with what stores they will go to, marketing programs and how the brand will grow.

5. What is the responsibility of an inventory strategist? What do they do? The inventory strategists are responsible for the quantity of the product.

6. What is the responsibility of the distributor?
The distributor places the items in every seller’s doors, and keeping up with all stock levels.

7. How many brands does Sephora sell?_150_ How many SKU’s do they stock? over 10,000

8. What are some challenges Sephora faces in keeping all brands in stock without stockouts? Can brands keep up with the growth rate; they may not be able to produce enough products as they need.

9. What are some metrics they keep track of daily?

Every time a product is sold it goes through the POS system and is automatically taken out of inventory. They can pull up: the average dollar sale, how much they are selling to a...
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