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Manage quality customer service


Assessment AT1

1.Customer service plan
Assessment AT1: Develop customer service plan

Customer service plan
1.Our vision and mission

Innovative Widget will motivate its staff to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices. Improving the quality of products and maximize return to the stockholders. Provide the highest quality of widgets for our customer and improve our post sell service all the time. In five years become the biggest widget company in Australia.

2.Product standards
a.Dimensions :
L: 20 cm
W: 5cm
H :( diameter): 5cm

The tolerance of these bolts is 0.1cm

1 – 100 $0.50
2001 – 5000$0.35
Steel and iron
Items will be delivered within 5 working days from the date of order inside Australia. 3.Policies and procedures

To meet high quality service standards we will:
be polite, friendly and welcoming when we communicate - in person, when writing, by phone, fax or email, •respect differences in values, cultures, beliefs and ages, and include our awareness of diversity into our daily practice, •respect the dignity of all and show empathy and consideration in our daily practice, •listen and respond in an attentive way to client inquiries, •protect the confidentiality of information,

acknowledge clients by name,
introduce ourselves by name, title or role,
wear our ID badges so they can be easily seen and read,
dress appropriately according to the organisation’s dress code, and •maintain a clean and safe environment for co-workers and clients. The RATER Model
Reliability – your ability to provide the service you have promised consistently, accurately, and on time. Assurance – the knowledge, skills, and credibility of staff; and their ability to use this expertise to inspire trust and confidence. Tangibles – the physical evidence of the service you provide. This could be offices, equipment, employees, and the communication and marketing materials that you use. Empathy – the relationship between employees and customers. Responsiveness – your ability to provide a quick, high quality service to your customers.

Customer Complaints Policy
Our company places customer satisfaction as a high priority. If a client/customer has a complaint against the organisation or a member of the organisation, there are a number of steps that need to be followed. Step 1

When the client complains, you need to take the matter seriously and deal with it appropriately. Listen carefully to the person making the complaint. If they are emotional at the time of the complaint, some of the facts may be difficult to ascertain correctly and objectively. You need to ensure that they give you all the correct information. Step 2

It may be better to take the matter to the supervisor, especially if the complaint is about a staff member. Details need to be accurate. All information about the complaint should be documented to ensure that the information remains consistent. Step 3

Depending on the type of complaint it may be sufficient that the supervisor listens and deals with the issue with the client. For quality assurance the documentation of the complaint will be noted and records kept of the action taken. Step 4

Where the issue is not able to be dealt with at the supervisor level the manager of the section may be involved in the issue. They may discuss the matter with the client and the staff member either separately or together, to try to resolve the issue. Again the meeting is documented and records kept on file for quality assurance records. Step 5

Where a number of complaints about the same issue are received, the quality assurance section may implement an action plan to investigate and improve an area. Step 6
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