Paper on Baroque Architecture

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Jack Szmanda
Architectural History, 3411
Professor Satkowski
November 15, 2010
Contrast of Resources
When researching for a specific reason or refined searches there are many places in which you can search to find results that can be more accurate or useful to the intended search. In the process of collecting information, one must review what kind of information is being displayed. Just typing a key term into Google isn’t sufficient, but a deeper analysis is necessary. Articles, journals, books, and papers are all written with an intended focus and audience. With this, specific information is portrayed in order for the writer to adequately propose his findings or ideas to the readers. When researching information on the great building of Amphitheatrum Flavium, or more commonly known as the Colosseum, there were many sources, but the area of research that was being limited towards was the construction and looks of building rather than the architecture or city involvement. In searching, three beneficial sources were found; Rome, V,6: Colosseum (Grove Dictionary), The Colosseum (Wikipedia), and A Perfect Ruin (JSTOR), all of which portrayed different information and views surrounding the building and were intended for different reasons.

The Grove Dictionary of Art is an encyclopedia that is available to the general population that relates its information to Art and Architecture. The article selected from Grove, Rome, V,6: Colosseum, was written by a women named Janet DeLaine. DeLaine goes in great detail of the explanation of the visual and architectural aspects of the building. Her writings were mostly guided towards the explanation of how the building achieved its vast size and why the creators did so. DeLaine is guiding her writing towards a group trying to better their understanding of the Colosseum, such as Architecture Students. It is written in a way that suggests that she is sitting in the middle of the Colosseum while looking at a...

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