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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
Amelia Constanza
HRM/531September 1, 2014 Team A Week 6 Dr. Sharon Fletcher Recruitment and Selection StrategiesFormulating a thorough recruitment process is essential to ensure the right individuals are hired, efficiency and effectiveness are achieved, and subsequently organization goals are met. Considerations in the recruitment and selection plan include: organizational strategies; understanding the workforce, comprising projected needs, diversity objectives and demographic changes; company branding; recruiting approaches; screening procedures; and selection methods. While Landslide Limousine (LL) and Clayton Commercial Construction (CCC) have distinctly different requirements, both companies need to design a comprehensive recruitment and selection process as part of their overall business strategy to ensure they hire the best candidates and limit turnover. Organizational goals facilitate information exchange and influence performance. Prior to hiring staff, organizational goals should be well defined and related to various job descriptions, thus creating an understanding of required skills. LL, a startup limousine company, goal is to provide first class transportation services in the Austin area. They are looking to hire 25 people over the year and need to tie high customer service standards to all job descriptions. CCC looks to provide quality construction while meeting deadlines and safety requirements. Their expansion into Arizona will require them to hire about 130 individuals with demonstrable proficiency. Demographically, “Austin continues to experience profound change” (, April 1, 2014). Austin has seen continual, diverse population growth since 2008, low unemployment, and raising median household incomes. LL...

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