Topics: Chinese New Year, Fireworks, New Year's Eve Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Samantha Phan
Professor Reams
Section 11
March 19, 2012
Student Self-Evaluation
For my informative speech I chose the topic of Chinese New Years. I discussed about the history, the festivities and the calendar. While reviewing my speech I found some mistakes that I can change for better improvement for future speeches. As I listened to myself I can tell that I was really nervous and trembling. With those two actions it did affect my speech and how I came off to the audience. First, my introduction was of my speech intends the audience to ask questions, such as “What does it mean?”, “What is it?”, and “What significance does it represent?” My main point were informative and was straight to the point, however, I think I should have included more details to really make the audience understand the importance of the traditions of the Chinese New Year. I think I should have extended the story of the Chinese New Year by including the many stories told by many storytellers. My other main points I should have included why it was important, and how it is labeled to be what it is. For example, the red envelope brings good luck and money. However, my point was weak to determine why it was red, and why it did bring good luck. Also, why do we give money instead of other things, maybe a letter, or a card that says great things. My strong points I would like to point out would have to be the structure and research of the materials I found the paragraphs I formed. Knowing a little about the Chinese New Year, exploring more on it with resources from the Internet, articles, books, and even asking my elders, I have learned even more about the importance of the Chinese New Year. The structure I have put my writing from the history to the traditions to the time when it is celebrated keeps the audience focused while excluding transitions words. My memorable ending was Chuc Mung Nam Moi, which was the closing of my speech, representing my conclusion. I started my speech with...
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