Pantene Marketing Plan

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Executive summary
The first part of the essay is mainly talking about the internal and external situation of Pantene. The internal analysis includes branding analysis, objectives, target market, company and brand analysis, industry, product, price, consumption value, financial trend and distribution channels. The external one contains political, economic, social, technological and environmental forces. In competitive analysis, Pantene has a competitive advantages promotion and strong distribution network. Due to the high technology support, Pantene products are famous for good quality and great reputation. However, Pantene’s pricing strategies is using high price to indicate the high quality and distinguish their products with their competitors, so, Pantene has little attraction to those customers who only focus on low price. From the SWOT analysis, Pantene have strong brand equity which can bring high levels of brand recognition. The weakness is their high pricing strategy and abundance of collections. The key threat is because of the saturated market which makes it more difficult to gain market share for Pantene, especially, Pantene already have a big share in the market. Pantene still has a great opportunity to use brand extension because of the strong levels of brand equity. The target customers in Australia are female aged from 18 to 45, and they are divided into 2 segments (aged 18-34 and aged 35-45) because of the difference on consumer behaviours. These two segments have varied value on price and quality. Brand loyalty and media channels are also different in two segments. In addition, the consumer behaviours, on making buying decision for hair care product, require Pantene to consistently launch commercial advertisements. Brand position analysis shows Pantene in the process of repositioning. The new position raises the brand equity, and it delivers a better image of Pantene. The next part is discussing about the marketing mix 4P (product, price place and promotion) recommendations. Three levels of product have been analysed and strategies like product extension, packaging differentiation and striking label have been recommended. As for the price, it is recommended that a strategy of differing between the price of current and new products should be implemented. Since the distribution channel for Pantene is quite mature, it is unlikely that Pantene will change the distribution channel. When it comes to promotion, recommendations discussed include samples, redeemable coupons, premium offers, money-off deal or price pack, advertising and special events are efficient to attract consumers. In the last part, the promotion budget of Pantene is estimated and the details are showed in the table.

Nowadays, the competition in hair care industry is fierce. Pantene need to maintain its leader position in the industry, so this market plan is aim for Pantene to maximum its market share in financial year 2011.Pantene has been analysed from multi-directions in this essay, including internal and external analysis, competitors and customers’ analysis, SWOT and brand position analysis. Based on those analyses, strategies are recommended on product, price, place and promotion. To enhance practicability of this market plan, the estimated budget is enclosed at the last part.

Internal analysis
Branding Analysis
Pantene is a brand of hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G). The product line was introduced in Europe in 1947 by Swiss drug company Hoffman-LaRoche. It was purchased by P&G in 1985 in order for P&G to compete in the "beauty product" market rather than only functional products. Inspired by the ingredient panthenol, Pantene makes its debut as a premium hair care line across Europe, replete with glass bottles and prestige (Davis, 2004).

The brand's best-known product is the conditioning shampoo with Pantene Pro-Vitamin. Pantene products became well-known due to an...
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