Dove Marketing Research Paper

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Dove Inc. is a well-known body care brand that has played a key role in the body care industry since it’s introduction in 1955. Many women identify with Dove because of their large array of products that are available to them and because of their strong advertising campaigns. In January 2010, Dove Inc. launched their new product line that was to cater specifically to men. Initially, Dove Men+Care was advertised to gain recognition by a female target base. After women were familiar the brand, the new line would be targeted to men through a Super Bowl sponsorship and through other advertising channels. The fact that Dove had always been defined as a women’s brand posed a problem for the new line. Dove had to drive their new advertising campaign in a way that would change the reputation of the brand so that it was no longer viewed as “women only”. The brand awareness for this men’s line is relatively low but considering that this is a new line, Dove Men+Care has room to grow and develop a larger consumer base and raise brand awareness.

Executive Summary
As a brand that is considerably new, it is important to choose the right target market. By targeting young males from the ages of 18 to 25 Dove Men+Care can increase brand awareness and develop a consumer base that is brand loyal. In the past, Dove Men+Care has advertised specifically to middle-aged men or the “family man”.

We used many methods to study young adult males and their purchasing patterns. We believed that it we were able to recognize their patterns, it may lead us to the reasons behind the lack of brand awareness in young adult males. The ethnographic research that was conducted led us to conclude that young males take into consideration many different factors when purchasing body-care products. The consumer that was observed studied the price, scent, and packaging when choosing the product. This consumer was someone who was not brand loyal to a specific brand, but purchased based on what specific factors appealed to his specific needs at that specific time and for that product.

Conducting a focus group proved to be a key method when researching the purchasing patterns of the young adult male. The male participants ranging in age from 18-22 helped recognize that Dove Men+Care was acknowledged as a quality product, but because there was competition that they could identify with, the Dove brand was not always a top competitor. The participants helped recognize that Dove is constantly noted as a women’s brand and that the women’s advertising campaigns are more memorable than the men’s.

We conducted primary research in the form of a survey to gain more insight on the brands and products that young adult males preferred. The survey started with the generic questions that showed what types of products the participant preferred and then worked into more specific questions about brand awareness and preferences. We received a great number or responses that led us to believe that Dove Men+Care’s main competition is Old Spice.

The main flaw with Dove Care+Men is the low brand awareness within the young adult male market. By casting a bigger net and gaining the young male market, the Men+Care line will be able to establish it’s name and raise brand awareness in the industry alongside Oldspice, Axe, and other big name brands.

Definition of Problem
Dove Inc.’s Dove Men+Care line faces many barriers to brand awareness. Notoriously, Dove targets females with their personal care products. Therefore, Dove has to reach and establish history with an entirely new target audience with the introduction of their Dove Men+Care product line. Dove Men+Care’s barriers to brand awareness amongst young adult males lead to many key questions.

The main concept to examine about Dove’s barriers to brand awareness is the gender association of Dove with women. How will young adult males react to Dove creating a body care line specifically for males?...

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