Palliative care

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Health Care Ethic

Palliative Care Facilities

Imagine living a healthy lifestyle with family and friends then suddenly be told you have a serious, or even, life threatening illness that cannot be cured. What if you had a place you could go to that helps you emotionally, physically, and many other ways during your last years, months or even days of life. Palliative Care Facilities are made to help people in situations like this in multiple ways, people who would rather spend their days and nights in a home-like environment rather than a hospital Relieving stress and anxiety make up a huge part of our health, to extend even people whom we care much about can cause us anxiety. When our love ones are diagnose with serious incurable illness, we tend to worry a lot and wonder what the outcome will look like. I remember on June of 2010, my 68 years old Dad was diagnosed with highest level of hepatitis; his liver was failing and he was given only two to four years to live. He spent much of his time at the hospital. His illness has affected the entire family; we were all stressed and worry but in actuality it was him that worried the most. Nevertheless, my Dad received the best care from a team of palliative care. They treated him as though there is a hope and that it worth to live even after you’re told you would die soon. They help him and us, to become free from anxiety and to live everyday of our life in appreciation and hopefulness. It would be hard for me to even imagine our society accepting any types of euthanasia from palliative care. It is beyond doubt such acceptance would be a reckless and dehumanize act. Therefore, work of palliative care is beneficial to both the ill person and those that care for him/her. People with incurable disease would love to live in an environment that they could call it “like home,” just like my Dad chose palliative care from hospital because it felt as though he was home. Palliative care is the only path that would...
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