Pakistan and india trade

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Should Pakistan trade with India?
Countries don’t run on walking sticks of Aids but on trade.. Example of china is in front of all of us who destroyed the economy of USA and today the markets of USA are full of Chinese products.. Now Pakistan has understood this point and it is relying on trade rather than waiting for Aid from other countries.. According to the history after 1965-66 the balance of trade of Pakistan had never been surplus.. One of the reasons behind it was that in the initial days of independence of Pakistan, there wasn’t anything to import but agricultural raw materials and on the other hand we did not need to import machinery.. With the passage of time import trade started changing and textile industry became important in import trade.. If we take a look on trade of last ten years the balance of trade is going from bad to worse.. Most of our trade is with European countries but we are ignoring our neighboring countries like India, Afghanistan etc.. Usually the exports of Pakistan are quite low..
The biggest negative aspect of our trade is that there is very little trade among neighboring countries like China , India etc.. there population is the 1/3rd of whole world’s population, specially now I want to talk about India.. Recent census showed that India’s population is 1 billion and 210 millions and in next 10 years its population will become more than that of China and we just ignored the market of billions of people..
Recently an economist wrote a column in daily news paper, the summary of which is that Pakistan should have to start trade with India at high level because the rapid increase in population of India can provide a cheap market to Pakistan.. He also gave several examples of different countries that ignored all their internal and political rivalry and started trade and invested in each other’s countries and started transportation.. With the passage of time trade allowed countries to know each other more closely..
So, Pakistan


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