Paint Industry in India

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The Indian paint industry - an overviewnews

Paint is a mixture of four elements -
07 April 2007

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The Indian paint industry is a Rs 49 billion sector.
The demand for paints is relatively price-elastic but is linked to the industrial and economical growth. •The per capita consumption of paints in India is very low at 0.5 kg per annum if compared with 4 kgs in the South East Asian nations and 22 kgs in developed countries. The global average per capita consumption is 15 kg. •In India the organised sector controls 70 percent of the total market with the remaining 30 percent being in the hands of nearly 2000 small-scale units. •In India the industrial paint segment accounts for 30 percent of the paint market while the decorative paint segment accounts for 70 per cent of paints sold in India. •In most developed countries, the ratio of decorative paints vis-Ã -vis industrial paints is around 50:50. •All the industry majors have a vast dealership network and are required to maintain high inventory levels. •most of the paint leaders have technical tie-ups with global paint leaders. Sector comments

Paint is a mixture of four elements - solvents, binders, pigments and additives. Solvents give the paint a liquid flow while the binder binds it to the surface. Pigments impart colour and opacity to the paint and the additives give it special resistance properties. Sector trends

The recession in the construction and automobile sector had thrown in shades of grey across the Industry spectrum, but the revival in these sectors is cause for cheer for the paint industry as well. The balance sheets of the industry majors are now painted with bright colours. Sector specifics

On product lines, paints can be differentiated into decorative or architectural paints and industrial paints. While the former caters to the housing sector, the automotive segment is a major consumer of the latter. Decorative paints can further be classified into premium, medium and distemper segments. Premium decorative paints are acrylic emulsions used mostly in the metros. The medium range consists of enamels, popular in smaller cities and towns. Distempers are economy products demanded in the suburban and rural markets. Nearly 20 per cent of all decorative paints sold in India are distempers and it is here that the unorganised sector has dominance. Industrial paints include powder coatings, high performance coating and automotive and marine paints. But two-thirds of the industrial paints produced in the country are automotive paints. Market profile

The leaders in the organised paint industry are Asian Paints (India) Ltd. (APIL), Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. (GNPL), Berger Paints, Jenson & Nicholson Ltd. (J&N) and ICI (India) Ltd. Asian paints is the industry leader with an overall market share of 33 per cent in the organised paint market. It has the largest distribution network among the players and its aggressive marketing has earned it strong brand equity. The Berger Group and ICI share the second slot in the industry with market shares of 17 per cent each. GNPL has a market share of 15 percent in the organised sector. The market can be further split into decorative paints and industrial paints. The demand for decorative paints is highly price-sensitive and also cyclical. Monsoon is a slack season while the peak business period is Diwali festival time, when most people repaint their houses. The industrial paints segment, on the other hand, is a high volume-low margin business. In the decorative segment, it is the distribution network that counts while in the industrial segment the deciding factor are technological superiority and tie-up with automobile manufacturers for assured...
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