Andy Warhol Wanted Dead Analysis

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Wanted Dead
Part One
Andy Warhol, was the creative mind that created pop art. Andy Warhol is a Polish American artist that lived during the twentieth century. Mr. Warhol’s paintings focused on the mass production of commercial goods, as well as under minded the supposed value of art based on the uniqueness of the work. The thing that I enjoy the most about his works is the way that he incorporates silkscreen in order to produce multiples of a single image yet still manages to make each one different and unique in its own special way. He was someone that took inspiration from the people and things that surrounded him and although he was not every well received when he first started out he continued to work and became a very well-known and respected artist....

What is the medium used to create the work?
The medium that was used to create this artwork is acrylic paint on canvas.
2. What are the characteristics of the medium used?
The appealing characteristics of acrylic paint are its quick drying capabilities, and the fact that it is easier to add layers to, especially when compared to other types of paint; such as oil paint
3. How did the medium enhance the work?
Warhol enhanced his artwork through the use of acrylics, which allowed him to layer colors without blending them, in order to create distinguishable facial features.
4. Analyze and discuss the different ways the artist has used the visual elements such as color, contrast, balance to create the form of the artwork. How do these elements help the viewer understand the work?
This is a recreation of an advertisement that was created for a film Marilyn Monroe stared in. The artist’s use of vibrant colors which quickly turns to black and white convey the feeling of loss of Marilyn Monroe who had recently killed...
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