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2012 Otaniemi
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Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Laurea Business Ventures, Otaniemi
COMPARISON OF QUALITY CONSUMER ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS IMPORTED FROM CHINA TO NIGERIA AND FINLAND Osana Isaac Nagboma & Amaihe Ikenna Paul Degree Program in Business Management March, 2012 Page 3 of 63

We are very grateful to God for giving us the knowledge to putting this research thesis together. It has been a good ride since 2008 when we started our studies. Lots of lessons have been learnt from studies, life, and career pursuit. We also want to thank people who have added one way or the other to our lives, and have given us reason to move a step ahead. We appreciate the love from our families, friends and foes. Our appreciation also goes to Samuel Down and Sari Saarinen, for giving us their attention to putting this piece of work together, and also for believing in us. Isaac: I also want to thank my big brother, Emmanuel Osana- Isaac, my uncle Dr. Segun Toyin Dawodu and his family, for their advice and support throughout my study period. Mr Ernest Enadeghe, for his assistance toward helping us carries out the research in Nigeria and for his motivational advice. Paul: I give thanks and glory to God almighty for giving me the strength and knowledge all through these years while studying. Big thanks to my dad, mom, brothers and sisters who has always been encouraging me and praying for me. We also appreciate Mr Isaiah Sunday Udofia, Adewale Agoro, and Pastor Taiwo Adeleke, for being good friends as they will always been. Page 4 of 63

Laurea University of Applied Sciences Abstract
Laurea Business Ventures, Otaniemi.
Degree Program in Business Management
Osana Isaac Nagboma & Amaihe Ikenna Paul
This thesis study is talking about the comparison of quality consumer electronic products imported from China to Nigeria and Finland. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate and analyse the quality of products that are been manufactured, assembled and imported into Nigeria and Finland from China. Invariably this thesis will compare between Nigeria and Finland, which country import better quality of Chinese electronic product. Over the years, China has been known for their super skills of production and cheap labour, which has drawn the attentions of business owners around the world to doing business and importing made in China products to their various countries. China makes virtually anything, be it good or bad quality products ranging from clothing, food production, accessories of all sought, and electronics. This thesis used a qualitative research method to investigate between Nigeria and Finland, the country that imports better quality of consumer electronic product from China. To get a satisfactory result, this research used questionnaires, which were given to some firms in Finland and Nigeria that imports consumer electronics from China. However, this Thesis will be useful to companies planning to start up import and export business in and out of China. It will also provide information to firms planning to do business with Nigeria and Finland, and give ideas of talking the issue against less quality products. At the end of the research, this thesis found out that Nigerian organizations imports lower quality of consumer electronics into the country. This happened because the standard of living Page 5 of 63

of the average Nigerian people is very poor and they cannot afford to buy compliant quality products. Organizations in Nigeria also import few goods quality which are being bought by the few Nigerians who can afford them, while Finnish organizations import better quality into Finland from China, and they get lesser...

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